Gabe Golf Swing Trainer

Graham DeLaet explains why he uses GGST.

Gabe Golf Swing Trainer – Learn by feel and sound


Created by two time PGA TOUR Winner and Top PGA TOUR Coach Gabriel Hjertstedt.

The Gabe Golf Swing Trainer features patented technology to give you instant feedback on your swing.


The Gabe Golf Swing Trainer makes you obtain correct timing and sequence + increases your clubhead speed. With the sound and feel from the marbles in the shaft, the learning is exceptional.


Use the Swing Trainer for practise and warm up to optimize your golf -

on the range, in the garden, in your living room or at your office.

Note that Swing Trainer can be used without hitting balls.

"Learn by feel and sound"




  • Black clubhead
  • Custom KBS shaft black colour
  • Lamkin grip


Gabe Golf Swing Trainer offers you:


Perfect timing

More Speed

Straighter and longer shots

All without overthinking


•Teaches the proper swing fundamentals using both sound and feel

•Eliminate slices: train your body to hit straight shots

•Learn the perfect swing timing and get instant feedback

•Create a balanced loaded back swing with a big turn and short arm position

•Add 3 to 5 MPH to your swing speed, giving you longer, straighter shots

•Learn to use the ground in a proper manner, exploding through your shots

•Hit practice balls with the Swing Trainer, just like you would with your actual clubs

•Fits into your golf bag to take with you anywhere


The Gabe Golf Swing Trainer is available in following models:


7-iron Standard men´s trainer right or left

7-iron Standard women´s trainer right or left

7-iron Standard junior´s trainer right or left




Get started using the videos below!

Gabriel Hjertstedt introducing "Gabe Golf Swing Trainer"

Beginners - Getting Started with Your Swing Trainer

Quick Warm Up

Building a Great Swing

Long Response vs. Short Response Training

Create the Perfect Rhythm

Office Drills - Drills you can do in the office to get your ready for your weekend round



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