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Alignment Pro – Practice with a meaning


Created by former golf professional Matt Baird who came up with the idea when searching for new putting drills. By taking an alignment stick and hinge the two ends – the Alignment Pro was born!

Alignment Pro – the first 3D alignment tool. By raising the alignment tool above the ground, you are able to improve the typical methods of alignment. You are also able to use training methods that are not possible with other earthbound sticks. This hinged training stick can be used in over 50 golf drills.

The Alignment Pro comes with the hinged AP stick + an ordinary alignment stick.

The Alignment Pro is a multi-training tool that offers various possibilities for practicing:


Putting 3 D


Since the stick is above the ball, you are able to perfectly align the club and ball while putting

By using the markings on the AP, you will become more aware of how far you should bring the club in your putting back swing




By using the AP as “swing gates” your chipping will be more accurate through controlled movement and alignment. A challenge golfers face is bringing their club “inside” when they are chipping. In other words, their backswing is too much behind them. The AP prevents this by creating a barrier so, if the backswing is incorrect, the club will make contact.


Driving, irons and swingplane


When you aligning your feet, hips, shoulders and club to the target – you are in position to be accurate. The AP will help you to be more accurate and longer off the tee with a Driver, a fairway wood or an Iron.

Being lined up is critical if a golfer wants to be accurate and hit it ling and straight. The other half is ensuring that your swing is on plane. The AP will help you develop habits that will improve your golf swing plane.




•No assembly required

•All in one hinged training stick that fits in golf bag

•Protective ends included for Alignment Pro and Alignment Stick

•Smooth and simple turn desired degree, then practice

•Hinged training stick can be used in over 50 golf drills

•Engraved hinge design adjusts every 15 degrees

•Includes 1 x 47” Alignment Pro and 1 x 47” Solid Fiberglass rod

•Price 65 Euro


The Putting Rail

The Swing Plane Gate Drill

Driving Target Line


Steady head

PGA-tour player Zach Blair explains why he is using the Alignment Pro:



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