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Hasse Brontén


We are happy to have one of the funniest Swedish men on our Ambassadors Team!

Hasse Brontén is the former policeman that became one of the most popular Swedish stand-up comedians.


Today, Hasse is active as a stand-up comedian but also as lecturer, actor and moderator.

Except from spending time on his different professions, Hasse is an inveterate golfer who shares our passion for golf and to become a better golfer.


"I practise with Gabe Golf Swing Trainer because I really need to find the right timing and sequence. A few pre round shots with the Swing Trainer gives me a balanced loaded backswing which often makes the coming round of golf more fun"

William Monier


We are really excited to present our new Ambassador Team member William Monier!


William is a young and ambitious professional golfer who for sure is a great multitasker. He combines the competitive golf with managing the Bråviken Golf Club together with his family. In addition, William is also a teaching Professional, continuously educating and developing himself and his students.


"The Alignment Pro is the training aid that I always keep in my bag. I use it in many ways to improve my game. I often use it to control my club path, sving plane in wedges and to get correct direction in putting.”

Henrik Lundqvist


We are delighted to have Henrik "Hempa" Lundqvist on our Ambassadors team!


Henrik Lundqvist, PGA professional since 1986, is educated in the PGA's of Sweden, Great Britain and Belgium.

He has also been an active tournament player on various tours around the globe.

Today Henrik is very well known and has established himself a great name in the game of golf. His services and skills as a teacher and as a coach are requested all over Europe, where he teaches both players and other coaches in the game of golf.


"During my 30 years as a golf professional, I have come across lots of different training devices but the Swing Trainer stands out as one of the best ones I have used.

This training device helps me load up on my righthand side(get behind the golfball) and it requires me to start my downswing in the right sequence.

I can highly recommend the Swing Trainer and it will make a difference!"

Johan Björtin


It´s an honor for us to have Johan Björtin as a member of our Ambassadors Team!

When an average golfer is given the same support to improve their game as the PGA Pros, how good can you get?


That´s the question Johan Björtin asked himself. He decided to put his day to day life as a web analyst on hold in exchange for a complete golfing reboot.

Johans goal is to take his current game level(hcp 24) to scratch play, within 24 months. In other words, he challenges himself to play 72 Strokes Golf, which also is the name of the project he runs.

With the support of a dedicated team of PGA Teaching Professionals, personal trainers and some of the golfing world most reputable brands, Johan invest more than 40 hours a week practicing all aspects of the game.

Follow the adventure:

“The Gabe Golf Swing Trainer looks like any other iron in my bag. The big difference is that it also tells me when I´ve reached the optimal position to start the transition into the down swing. This instant feedback has really helped me get a more consistent tempo throughout my whole swing.”

Marlene Hedblom


We are extremely excited to introduce Marlene Hedblom as a member in our Ambassador Team!


Madde, former LET and PGA player is today a well-established and popular golf instructor on Fågelbro Golf & Country Club. She is also engaged as instructor in the Swedish golf magazine Svensk Golf, explaining and offering tips about golf drills.

Madde is a well-known and respected personality within the game of golf and with her great experience as a professional golfer, she knows what it takes to become a better golfer.


“With the Gabe Golf Swing Trainer the correct sequence comes naturally and you do not have to think technical. The GGST guides you and creates a balanced loaded back swing with a big turn and short arm position.”

Diddi Kastenholt


It is a true pleasure to have Diddi Kastenholt as a member of our Ambassadors team!


When not standing on the stage as the lead singer in the rock band Bai Bang, Diddi is a dedicated golfer spending many hours on the game he loves.

Diddi is also a popular teacher, teaching classes in sports and personal development – he has been awarded by the Swedish Golffrämjandet for his work to integrate golf in the education of pupils with special needs. Since 2013 Diddi is appointed Ambassador of Helsingborg City.


“By calming down your swing and finding the correct tempo – you become a better golfer. The Swing Trainer provides the tool to find that correct tempo, timing and sequence!”



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